Soapstone Lake Hike

_MG_7357We recently took a hike on a trail near our home to a beautiful little lake.  I've hiked most of the trails in our area more times than I can count, and while I still enjoy them every time, it was really exciting to venture somewhere new.  It was also really nice to spend most of a day outside, away from any work, computers, to do lists, etc...don't get me wrong, I love my work SO much, but sometimes it's hard to stop working when you work from home.  It's that whole balance thing you know?  More on that later though.  For now let's just enjoy some photos of a lovely day on the trail.  Happy Tuesday friends! _MG_7387_MG_7377_MG_7417_MG_7506_MG_7343



Birthday Trip

I know you all must just be dying to know where we went on my big birthday surprise adventure, so I figured it was about time to share some photos and stories with you! Last week we packed up and headed East to the mountains, pines and rivers inland.  All the maples were in full color and the drive was absolutely stunning.  We spent a night camped on a back road and headed out in the morning to the Mckenzie River.  The Mckenzie and the surrounding area is unbelievably beautiful and we spent the afternoon outside, hiking through glowing-green moss-dripping old growth forest, picking white chanterelles and fishing for beautiful leopard spotted cutthroat trout.

That evening we headed on to Breitenbush Hot Springs, one of my absolute favorite places in the world (check out this post for more about Breitenbush).  We spent two days there, soaking in the hot springs, reading endlessly, napping, and generally taking it really easy.  It felt great to just allow ourselves to do nothing and be a little indulgent.  Over all it was a perfect birthday adventure and one I will remember for years to come.  Here are a few more photos from the trip ~ Enjoy!


A Walk in the Woods

We went out this afternoon between rain showers looking for mushrooms.  While we only found a handful of fungi, the forest was beautiful, dripping with rain and streaming light, everything a deep glowing green.  I love trying to catch all of the small moments of beauty that are awaiting us in the world, if only we take the time to look.  Here are a few photos attempting to do just that.  Enjoy!