Soapstone Lake Hike

_MG_7357We recently took a hike on a trail near our home to a beautiful little lake.  I've hiked most of the trails in our area more times than I can count, and while I still enjoy them every time, it was really exciting to venture somewhere new.  It was also really nice to spend most of a day outside, away from any work, computers, to do lists, etc...don't get me wrong, I love my work SO much, but sometimes it's hard to stop working when you work from home.  It's that whole balance thing you know?  More on that later though.  For now let's just enjoy some photos of a lovely day on the trail.  Happy Tuesday friends! _MG_7387_MG_7377_MG_7417_MG_7506_MG_7343



Off to Virginia!

I am heading to Charlottesville, VA this weekend to attend my dear friend Frances' wedding (check out her awesome yoga blog!).  I am so excited to be going on a trip, and I look forward to visiting a new place, reuniting with old friends, and being a part of what I am sure will be a love-filled, beautiful union. Look for photos and stories when I return.

Until then, have a great weekend!


Fall in California: Big Fish and Even Bigger Trees

There is something immensely liberating about packing the basics into your car (or in this case a super sweet, tricked out van) and heading out on the road.  No planned destination, nowhere to be, music drifting out the open windows and the world whizzing by.  Road trips, they're where it's at.

This particular adventure was hatched for the purpose of attending a dear friends wedding in Northern CA (more on that later), and we figured why not make it an excuse for some coastal wandering.  The wedding weekend was spent with friends and family, cooking and eating copious amounts of amazing food (can you say salmon burgers with homemade aioli, cherry tomatoes and avocado?  Yum!), and generally reveling in each others company.

After the festivities were over, The Photographer and I headed up the coast seeking new sights, waves, and photos.  I've driven this section of coast many times, but rarely have I given myself the luxury of being able to stop frequently and take detours, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

We spent a night camped amidst towering redwoods, followed by a first-thing-in-the-morning dive into a radiantly clear creek.  We surfed, including a perfect near-dark evening session, the water so glassy it appeared oily and pink as the sun sank into the ocean.  We spent a golden late afternoon scampering around on the tidal beds of an exquisite sandstone bay, snapping photos and taking in the sunshine.  We stopped to visit family, took photos, ate more amazing food, stopped to take more photos, enjoyed a few hikes, and generally had a ball.  Overall it was a rejuvenating, inspiring trip, and a perfect way to kick off my self-employed lifestyle.

Enjoy the photos!

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