A Frosty Morning Walk

_MG_0511Recently I got up with the sun and headed out into the day for a morning walk.  I am not, by nature, a morning person so I don't have many chances to see the world in its early morning cloak.  That being said, once I'm up I love early mornings.  The light is so soft and it feels like you're getting away with something, stealing these extra hours in the day.  This particular morning was bone cold and gilded with frost.  I brought my camera along and everywhere I turned there was something beautiful, calling out to me to have its photo taken.  I even ran into my friend Thomas on his way to work in town and snapped a few frames of him. Enjoy the images, and happy Wednesday! _MG_0496_MG_0526_MG_0536_MG_0506_MG_0551_MG_0531_MG_0577_MG_0587_MG_0591_MG_0605_MG_0607_MG_0616_MG_0617_MG_0622


A Few Beautiful Little Moments

_MG_0014Things have been quiet around here lately, yet full of beautiful little moments.  Beach walks with friends,  frigid steel head fishing adventures, a snow day, and cozy time inside.  Work is slower for me this time of year, and I am trying to find a balance, to be ok with not "doing" as much.  To just be.  I'm learning, I think,  and that's all that I can ask for sometimes. _MG_0347_MG_8002 _MG_0318_MG_0383_MG_0047_MG_0370_MG_7950_MG_0057_MG_0221_MG_7973_MG_0334


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Friday Evening Musings

_MG_9352As the new year begins I've slowly been getting back into the swing of things with work.  To be entirely honest, it hasn't been an easy transition.  The time I took off after the holiday rush was much needed, and in retrospect was some of the first "time off" I've given myself since I quit my day job and took up working for myself full time. Balance is something that has long been important to (and often eluded) me and the more I connect with other creative-self-employed-types, the more I see that finding balance is one of the biggest challenges of this lifestyle.  I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist workaholic (something I didn't know about myself until recently-it's crazy the things we keep from even ourselves) and I have struggled to create a sense of healthy structure and balance between my work and every day life.

Living and working in the same space, not to mention having a partner who is also self-employed, makes this extra challenging.  There's just no clear line between "work time" and "non work time" and I struggle to find a sense of having done "enough" each day, and to create a sense of accomplishment for myself.  Unlike most jobs and school there isn't someone else to give me a pat on the back, to hand out a grade, a raise, or a "job well done."  It's just me, and it turns out I'm a pretty demanding boss most of the time.

So, all of this is to say, when I found myself a bit resistant to jumping headlong back into work this week I decided, in the name of balance, to try to be ok with that.  To allow it to be what it is, and not be so hard on myself.  I am trying to see it all as a process, something I will likely continue to struggle with and learn from for years to come.

How do you create balance in your life?  Especially if you work for yourself, what have you learned while striving to find it?

I will leave you with a few sneak peek photos from our Lake Quinault trip (which was amazing!!) as well as a lovely hike with a friend today.  More photos from our trip to come soon!

Happy friday friends!



A New Year

Another year has come to an end, and boy was it a big one!  I can hardly wrap my mind around all that has happened in the past year, and the huge ways in which the shape and direction of my life has changed.  This year I fell madly and deeply in love with a wonderful man who is everything I could want in a partner and friend.  We moved into our wonderful little home together and made a nest in which to create and live.  I jumped head first into my jewelry business and quit my day job, then watched as my business grew and expanded in ways I could only have hoped for.  There were road trips, visits from friends, endless hours at my jewelry desk, potlucks, outdoor adventures, and amazing food.  And of course there were myriad challenges, struggles, growing and learning. I am eagerly looking forward to all this next year might bring.  There are so many things I am excited about and that I hope to manifest in my life.  But let's save that for later.  Today I just want to express my gratitude for all that this year has been, and for you dear friends and readers, and your unyielding support, love and enthusiasm; it means the world to me.

I hope that 2012 has been good to you as well, and that even better things are waiting for you in 2013.  Before I go, here are a few photos from our New Years Day ocean swim this morning.  I have been partaking in this tradition since I was a wee one and it remains one of my favorite annual events.  There's nothing like a dunk in the frigid Pacific to jump start your year.

Happiest of New Years to you!



Happy Holidays Friends!

Merry Fishmas 2012024Hi there.  I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful holiday season full of friends, family and good food.  I for my part enjoyed all of the above and more!  It's been really nice to take some time off after the madness of the holiday rush and I've been making the most of it.  The Photographer returned from his world travels and it's been so wonderful to have him home.  We've spent time with friends and family, attended an End of the World Party, exchanged handmade gifts, eaten delicious food, and spent a lot of cozy time indoors.  We also managed to both get sick, which was a bummer. This weekend though we're heading up to  Lake Quinault Lodge in Olympic National Park for a few days to celebrate our one year anniversary, which should be really fun!  I'm looking forward to lots of reading, napping, hikes and sitting in front of a fireplace.  I hope you're all doing well, and I'll see you in the new year!

_MG_8619_MG_8625 _MG_8605_MG_8652_MG_8719