pacific northwest


A Frosty Morning Walk

_MG_0511Recently I got up with the sun and headed out into the day for a morning walk.  I am not, by nature, a morning person so I don't have many chances to see the world in its early morning cloak.  That being said, once I'm up I love early mornings.  The light is so soft and it feels like you're getting away with something, stealing these extra hours in the day.  This particular morning was bone cold and gilded with frost.  I brought my camera along and everywhere I turned there was something beautiful, calling out to me to have its photo taken.  I even ran into my friend Thomas on his way to work in town and snapped a few frames of him. Enjoy the images, and happy Wednesday! _MG_0496_MG_0526_MG_0536_MG_0506_MG_0551_MG_0531_MG_0577_MG_0587_MG_0591_MG_0605_MG_0607_MG_0616_MG_0617_MG_0622


A Few Beautiful Little Moments

_MG_0014Things have been quiet around here lately, yet full of beautiful little moments.  Beach walks with friends,  frigid steel head fishing adventures, a snow day, and cozy time inside.  Work is slower for me this time of year, and I am trying to find a balance, to be ok with not "doing" as much.  To just be.  I'm learning, I think,  and that's all that I can ask for sometimes. _MG_0347_MG_8002 _MG_0318_MG_0383_MG_0047_MG_0370_MG_7950_MG_0057_MG_0221_MG_7973_MG_0334