Big SW Roadtrip - Pt. 4 - The Alabama Hills


We're currently in Arizona, but in an effort to keep up with the blogging I'm going to share some photos from the California portion of our trip.  We spent a few days in the Alabama Hills which I'd have to say are one of the most unique, stunning, beautiful (et al) places I've ever been!!  Strange, huge rock formations rise up out of the earth with the backdrop of the snow covered Sierras behind them.  

There's a myriad of gorgeous free camping spots, and lots of folks boon docking out there in various modes of transportation:  snow birds in huge RV's, folks in VW vans, Jeeps, and various other jalopies.  We spent a few days biking around the dirt roads, taking a million photos, and scrambling to the top of the bulbous rock formations.  We slept with the van doors open to the warm desert night and listened to the coyotes howling and owls hooting.  It was awesome!

More to come from Death Valley next!!