Big SW Road Trip - Pt. 3 The Eastern Sierras!

I had heard a lot about the Eastern Sierras before, the beauty of the mountains and the dramatic landscape (not to mention the hot springs, which is largely why I wanted to go) but nothing could have prepared me for this place!  Huge, craggy snow capped peaks rising up so abruptly from the valley floor I felt like I could reach out and touch them.  Purples, dusky blues, yellows and grays in the sage brush and meadows.  Amazing cloud formations and drama filled skies.  And the hot springs!  Most of the tubs are not marked and at the end of rutted, bumpy dirt roads, but if you make the effort to find them it's so worth it.  

We spent a couple of days here soaking our bodies and sleeping in the warm van while the harsh, cold mountain wind swept across the valley and rocked our little vessel like a ship on the sea.  A hike around an alpine lake, and a visit to the surreal Mono Lake Tufas rounded out our time in this area.  

I took a million photos and had a hard time editing them down, so I hope you're into looking at lots of photos!  Also, if you're on Instagram I'm posting photos of our trip there almost daily, follow along @ashleymersereau_art.