Big SW Roadtrip - Pt. 5 - Death Valley

Death Valley is a nutty place.  Austere, strange, beautiful, and more than a little hostile feeling.  It doesn't feel like a place where humans should be, especially during the heat of the day.  It's huge and vast and gorgeous though, with sand dunes, beautiful watercolor-like hillsides in reds, pinks and purples, and surprisingly large mountains.  The roads stretch out straight across the desert seemingly to infinity.  It's also a huge National Park so there's some pretty great people watching:)  We stayed in the valley for a couple of nights and hiked in Mosaic Canyon, checked out the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes at first light, and camped in a canyon full of cactus (cacti?) and desert flowers.  It's amazing the diversity of this country we live in!