Big SW Road Trip - Pt. 1 Oregon!

As of today we've been on the road for one week.  It feels like so much longer than that, and at the same time it's gone by in the blink of an eye.  Already, trying to remember the first few days of the trip is a challenge.  We've seen some stunning places, thoroughly enjoyed the awesomeness of our van (!!), caught up with friends, and taken a million photos.  My skin feels chapped and dry from the cold, wind, and sun, and I am greasy and dirty....but oh so happy.

Here are a few shots from the Oregon portion of our trip.  We met up with friends at a lookout tower near Mt hood, stopped to feed some alpacas (what funny creatures!), mt biked and drank beer in Bend, and slept on an empty forest service road in the middle of nowhere.  

This is a good life, and I am so grateful to be living it.  Enjoy the photos, and much love to you all!


Ashley (and Justin and Eddy:) 

P.S. Stay tuned for further posts (if I can find somewhere to poach some WiFi:)