And We're Off!!

 Van camping on the Nehalem River, Oregon.

We've packed Eddy the Van up with what feels like half of our house (Bikes!  Fishing rods!  Clothes!  A raft!!) and are headed out on our Big SW Roadtrip.  We've been dreaming about this since we first bought Eddy last fall, and I'm so excited to finally get out there.  I'm excited to see new places every day, spend the majority of my time outside, create lots of photos, and step away from screens for a bit.  And hopefully meet some new people!  

I may be posting here occasionally as we travel, but for the most part if you want to come along then follow me on Instagram!  @ashleymersereau_art, or if you don't have an Instagram account (which you should, it's so fun and inspiring!) you can check out my feed HERE.  Otherwise, you can count on me sharing a million photos in this space when we get back in a month and a half or so (Eeek!)

Have a great spring everyone, and happy trails.