Last week we went to Breitenbush Hot Springs for a couple of nights; my  parents had given us a gift certificate for Christmas and we were eager to cash it in.  Breitenbush has become one of my favorite places in the world in the last couple of years; If you haven't been there, GO.  It's an amazing intentional community and worker-owned cooperative on a gorgeous piece of land.  

Cozy, geothermal heated cabins, a funky old lodge, and many quirky outbuildings make up the property.  Everywhere you look there's some beautiful detail, a buddha statue tucked into the hillside, or prayer flags hung in the trees.

The hot springs pools are set out under the trees, overlooking a river, and there's a super cool old wooden sauna.  It's one of those places that feels set apart from the rest of the world (the fact that there's no cell service adds to this feeling:).  Three delicious vegetarian meals a day, an amazing sense of community, awesome hiking get the idea.  

We spent our days there soaking in the tubs, reading, hiking the mossy green forests, and just enjoying doing nothing.  I always leave Breitenbush feeling refreshed and with a renewed perspective on my life.  

And of course I took lots of photos!  
Enjoy, and happy Wednesday.