Big SW Roadtrip - Pt. 14 - Burr Trail/Escalante Ntn. Monument, UT

One of the most amazing things about Utah to me was that it was so easy to get off of the beaten path, and even then the roads were amazingly well maintained and drivable.  We took our huge, 2WD van down some pretty crazy back roads, and found ourselves in some beautiful places, alone with the desert.  The Burr Trail was one of those roads, a winding, dramatic zig zagging line that cut across the state through places it seemed no one ever goes.  It spit us out in Escalante National Monument, which was beautiful and also pretty empty.  We camped in some amazing places, and wandered around some gorgeous slot cations.  This section of the trip was one of my favorites (although it's hard to pick just one) and the Burr Trail was definitely one of the most memorable roads I've ever driven on.