Big SW Roadtrip - Pt. 11 - Valley of the Gods, UT

During our time in Utah we mostly stayed away from the big National Parks (which I know are beautiful, but so crowded!) and spent our time wandering around the gorgeous, empty, pristine places in the southern portion of the state.  Everywhere we went was beautiful enough to be a National Park in my book, and we almost always had the place to ourselves.  We camped and built fires in the most perfect scenery, scrambled up canyons and washes, and shot a million photos.  

The desert is such a magical place, especially in the spring when the red dirt and sage brush are washed by the rain and the colors just seem to glow from within.  Bright red cactus flowers dotted the landscape, the sky was chock full of stars at night, and the occasional thunderstorm darkened the sky in the afternoon.