Big SW Roadtrip - Pt. 8 - La Posada Hotel

A number of people suggested that we stop at the La Posada Hotel in Winslow, AZ and we weren't disappointed when we did (thanks Aina!:).  Another creation of Mary Colters and the Fred Harvey Co, La Posada was a fancy, bustling hotel in the 1930's that brought sophistication and class to those traveling the Santa Fe Railway Line.  As railroad travel declined, so did Winslow and the hotel.  It closed and was abandoned for a number of years starting in the 50's, and was gutted and nearly torn down a number of times.  Then in the late 90's Allan Affeldt and his wife, artist Tina Mion, purchased it and revived the beautiful building.  They have turned it into this amazing hotel/art gallery/museum, and it is such an interesting place to spend an hour wandering around (and I'm sure a lovely place to stay if you can afford it).  For more info on the history see here.