Descend on Bend Dos

We returned again this year to the middle of nowhere in Eastern Oregon to gather with a bunch of van-loving, on-the-road-living, adventure-seeking weirdos for the second annual Descend on Bend.  This event was mostly created through the magic of Instagram and last year when we arrived we didn't know a soul.  Many of those people have since become our friends and we've spent many a weekend out camping and exploring together.  Although most who come are serious van enthusiasts, in the end it's not about the vans themselves: It's about a group of like minded folk getting together to sit around campfires, cookstoves and under van awnings, becoming friends and a community.  There was such kindness shown by everyone, and it's pretty amazing to get 250+ people together and have no issues or negativity.  Kids ran around freely, watched over by everyone, and I could see that so many of these people who have created alternative, adventurous lives for themselves and their families are really doing something right.  We're honored to be a part of such a magical thing and are already looking forward to next year (and the winter camping trips to come soon!)