Anniversary Trip!

As of this December Justin and I have been doing life together for 3 years, which is pretty great to say the least.  To celebrate  we spent a day and night up in Astoria, a funky, cool, working port town on the mouth of the Columbia River.  Astoria has a long and interesting history and is full of gorgeous old buildings, colorful houses lining its steep streets, seedy bars, and docks full of ships, cargo and sea lions.  It's also recently seen a renaissance and has a lot of great food, beer, hotels, and art.  

We had such a great time playing tourist for a day!   A climb to the top of the Astor Column, delicious dinner, drinks and a movie, a night at the oh-so-cool Commodore Hotel, and yummy breakfast in the adjoining Street 14 Coffee in the morning.  It was a perfect getaway, and just what we were looking for.  

We headed up to Washington for a New Years van trip afterwards, but you'll have to stay tuned for the next post for that one:).

Enjoy the photos, and happy hump day!