Fishing Trip

All of the men in my life are extremely obsessed with fishing.  Like little boy, Christmas morning, think about nothing else kind of obsessed.  So, needless to say, fishing is a pretty constant topic of conversation around these parts, and it's begun to rub off on me a bit.

While I wouldn't say I've totally caught the fishing bug yet, I'm loving learning something new, and more importantly I love wading through rivers, watching great blue herons fly low over the water, or the sun set behind the canyon walls as I make my last casts.  And, most of all, sharing something that means so much to the people I love so much is pretty great as well.

My father and I had been talking for a long time about heading over to the Deschutes river in Eastern Oregon, and we finally made it happen.  He has fond memories of summers spent fishing with his father on this river, so it felt good to be carrying on the tradition.

While the fish weren't biting perhaps as much as we'd have liked (the boys will hate me for saying this - from what I've observed there seems to be an unspoken rule among fishermen that you don't admit it when you get skunked:) it was still so fun to spend time camping together, and to explore two beautiful Oregon rivers.  

After a couple of nights in the high desert of the Deschutes we headed over to the Salmon River, which it turns out is one of the most stunning places I've ever been.  Mossy, dripping old growth forest, crystal clear waters and fiery red and yellow maples showing off for fall.

Here's to getting out on the weekends (or whenever you can) and seeing somewhere new!

Happy friday y'all.