A Few Thoughts on Forgiveness and Creativity

Hi there folks!  I realized recently that it's been a little while since I've written anything here, so I figured I'd sit down for a second and share a few thoughts I've been having recently about my creative process.  I have lots of photos and adventures to share from the last month or so of summertime, but until then here's some ramblings from the mind of an artist.

I seem, every so often, to go through phases where I'm less interested in creating new work.  Sitting down to work on jewelry or art of any kind feels a little bit like pulling teeth, or at the very least like a chore (which isn't normally the case).  This usually leads to bouts of frustration with myself, and a general feeling that I'm "failing" in some big way.  I struggle, and fight it, and drag my feet. 

So, when I encountered this feeling recently I decided to approach it from a different angle.  Leaves were starting to fall and the quality of the light was changing, and it felt like the last gasp of summer was right around the corner.  All I wanted to do was run out into the sunlight, swim in the river, and enjoy everything that summer has to offer on the North Coast.

 And so I did!  I got all caught up on the work that I had to do, and it being a slow time online, I closed my Etsy shop for a bit and decided to allow myself to take the time to recharge, and to work on new designs and art for the holiday season.  It is so hard for me to be kind to myself, and to offer myself forgiveness in these situations.   I worry sometimes that people think my life is "too fun," or not "serious" enough, and when someone says "man, you guys are always traveling" what I hear instead is, "jeez, do you ever work or is your life all fun and games?"

But then again, what is the point of life if not to have fun, and to be happy?!  And who said being "serious" was the goal?  I want to be ambitious, and strive, and create the best, most fulfilling art that I can, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be FUN right?!  

I am learning that being kind to myself is something that requires practice, and doesn't happen over night.  So this is me, practicing,  and growing, and changing.

Cheers to trying something new, and to enjoying the shifting of the seasons.

Thanks for reading, and for being here.