Roadtrip in the North Cascades

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of road tripping with two of my dearest friends in the world.  We spent a couple of our most formative years together here on the oregon coast, and though we are separated these days by many miles, we are still extremely close.  One is lucky to find friends as good as these, and I have a few.

We spent our week road tripping, camping, and exploring around the North Cascades in Washington.  I had no idea this area existed and was blown away by how stunningly beautiful it is!  We saw wildflowers galore and thundering waterfalls, swam in clear lakes, and hiked on gorgeous trails.  Snowcapped peaks, funky small towns, breweries, and kind locals were just a few of the highlights.  It felt good to spend time with strong, independent women, and to chart our own course every day.  

Now I'm home after more than a month and a half of wandering and I'm feeling motivated and excited to hustle and create new work.  Traveling is wonderful, but I also love the routine and tranquility of daily life at home.

Hope life is good wherever you are these days.  Happy Wednesday kids!