On the Road Again

Hey guys!  I'm back!  It was a pretty epic month out there in the wide world.  I had meant to write a send-off post before we left, but somehow it didn't end up happening.  So anyways, that's why you haven't heard from me lately:) 

Our river trip in the Grand Canyon was beautiful, amazing, challenging, and magical.  Living in the sand, wind, sun and water for 21 days was unlike anything I've experienced before.  Definitely one for the record books.

 First though, we drove down to Tahoe, taking the backroads and enjoying a few days of road tripping.  We saw some pretty parts of Oregon and California that I'd never seen before, and as always when we travel in the van, I had the fleeting thought that I could just pack it all up and hit the road indefinitely.  It's a pretty good way of life.  

Here are a few photos from that part of the trip, and then (drumroll please!) I'll be sharing photos from the river as soon as I've waded through all of them (yikes!)