Snow Days


A little while back we had unusually cold weather and snow for a couple of days.  Growing up here on the coast it hardly ever snowed, so when it did it was a cause for excitement.  I've carried that childlike love of snow with me into adulthood, and I saw it in my neighbors and friends for those couple of days.  People were sledding down hills, building snow men,  and cross country skiing through the middle of town. 

Justin and I ventured out into the swirling white-out to find our town, beach, and home totally transformed into a winter wonderland.  It was so beautiful and made me wish that it snowed here more often.  I'm sure those who were stuck in traffic, accidents, and the general melee that the unexpected weather caused would disagree, but we had a great time;)  And of course I took a million photos! 

Enjoy, and stay tuned for some exciting news in the near future!