The Golden Hour


A few days ago Justin and I went out for a walk on one of our favorite beaches.  It was that delicious golden hour at sunset when the light changes and everything seems to glow and sparkle and shimmer.  We've been having totally glorious weather lately - crisp blue skies, a still, flat ocean, and a bracingly cold wind.  The air smells like wood-smoke, frost, and the sea.  I've been feeling SO much better lately, and sometimes I am reminded that just walking without hurting is a miracle of sorts.  It's funny how we don't notice the absence of pain as much as the pain itself.   On this day I relished fully all of the sensations of being outside, the joy of my legs moving quickly, the smell and feel of the cold wind against my face.  It was a beautiful evening.  But don't take my word for it, check out the photos and decide for yourself.