My Creations

Photoshoot Fun!

Today I had the great pleasure of spending the afternoon shooting photos of my dear friend Maya.  Maya has been my gorgeous, talented and willing model since the early days of Roots & Wings, and I covet any time I can get with her to create images. Maya and I have known each other since we were wee little ones and our families are so close I consider her a sister.  She is, as you can see here, stunningly gorgeous and quite talented as a model (as well as a kind, funny, amazing human being).  Creating images is always a fun, collaborative, creative act for us in which we contribute equally to the final product, which I love!

I couldn't resist sharing a sneak peek of todays images with you right away!  More photos (and the jewelry pictured) will be available in My Etsy Shop soon!  I can't wait to get behind the camera again soon with Maya.  Until then, enjoy!